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Recognizing a “drug house”

  • Numerous short visits to the location by people in vehicles, on bicycles, and/or on foot
  • Money or small packages being exchanged
  • Cars frequently drive by slowly at the location
  • Visitors often bring personal property and leave without it
  • People who appear to be acting as lookouts
  • Activity at the location happens at odd hours such as in the middle of the night or early in the morning
  • Occupants seem paranoid, unfriendly, or secretive
  • Shades or blinds constantly being drawn, even though the house is occupied
  • Unusually extensive security measures around the house
  • Drug paraphernalia at or near the location, such as: very small ziplock plastic baggies, small bundled or twisted pieces of cellophane, small pieces of balloon; hypodermic needles and needle caps, small glass vials or pipes; or small pieces of brillo
  • Elevated levels of theft in the surrounding area

Reporting drug activity to the Casa Grande Police Department

Click the link above to view the Casa Grande City Crime Map and fill out a form to report any drug or illegal activity.  This may be done anonymously if you prefer not to make your identify known.

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